Sofia’s Frankston

Sofia’s Frankston


The Challenge

The Sofia’s brand was losing momentum – its growth declined and stores were closing down. It had developed negative brand perceptions. Imaginitis’ core objectives were to revitalize the brand image for Sofia’s Frankston, enhancing perceptions and stimulating growth.

The Solution

Imaginitis re-branded and repositioned Sofia’s Frankston by tapping into the history of the location (Frankston seaside location) and the 1950-60s style of the building. A brand personality was created and executed through all touch points. Sofia was quirky, fun, friendly, beach-loving, free, retro and feminine. She became a character of the era. Imaginitis aligned the brand as a tourist destination to further engage the community. A localized difference was created, and this was unique to other restaurants in the area. The primary goal was to promote the region and locality; secondary, the name Sofia’s. This extended to the menu, as local food suppliers were used. Music was introduced to the restaurant, consistent with Sofia’s brand personality. Sofia’s Frankston engaged the community through local events and created partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses. Imaginitis also introduced loyalty programs including Join the Club, Birthday Club and Business Club. Club sweepstakes were established with monthly winners and customer acknowledgement.

The Outcome

  • There was a general increase in customer patronage and loyalty; and therefore an 16.5 percent increase in turnover within 1 year.
  • Social media engagement increased and Facebook ‘likes’ rose from 240 to 2,680 within 6 months.
  • There was a rapid database increase and engagement through loyalty programs.
  • Because of the re-brand, Sofia’s Frankston attracted good quality staff that felt proud to be involved with a growing and evolving brand.
  • The re-brand also allowed a higher price point without objection; and the rebuilding of trust with the local business community.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity and positioning
Brand Management
Creative Concept
Art Direction
Tone & Voice
Website Design
Online Ordering App
Point of Sale
Direct Mail

‘The team at Imaginitis have brilliantly revitalized our brand. The feedback we’ve received has been exceptional, which has created growth within our business. They always offer an honest consultative approach, provide support on a regular basis and display a genuine care and transparency, making it a pleasure to work with them. They keep us up to date with current trends and are easily accessible when required. Without the expertise of Imaginitis, we wouldn’t be where we are today.’

Patrick Torcasio