AB Phillips

AB Phillips

Re-brand and
Position Statement

The Challenge

The “Austbrokers Phillips” brand name was synonymous with insurance brokerage and had awareness for insurance but not for the other services offered such as workers compensation, financial planning, accounting and financial services, human resources etc. Sales staff agreed that the brand name was a deterrent when selling these other services, as potential customers associated “Austbrokers Phillips” with insurance brokerage. In addition, it was not known that the organisation provided specialised services for the private market segment as well as the business market segment.

The Solution

Imaginitis rebranded Austbrokers Phillips to ABPhillips. This was done to eliminate any association with the word ‘broker’ and maintain similarities to the original brand name, which had existing brand equity. Imaginitis developed a ‘branded house’ portfolio strategy for AB Phillips by utilising the master brand to create two business units: Business and Private. The partnership between AB Phillips and its industry groups (e.g. Timber Association) was also highlighted in the branded house portfolio strategy. The logo was modernised and designed to represent conversation and the range of services offered (consistent with key brand values and unique selling proposition).

A new position statement “when expert advice counts” was created; it highlights that ABPhillips is a consultancy offering personable and customised solutions to clients.

The Outcome

Professional and distinctive brand image that strengthens ABPhillip’s key point of difference and instils trust.

  • Consistent brand voice and communication.
  • Clearly defined ABPhilip’s business and private offering.
  • An organisation that ‘lives and breaths’ the ABPhillips core brand values.

What we did

Brand Portfolio Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity Design
Brand Management
Brand Guidelines
Art Direction
Corporate Video

‘Imaginitis has worked alongside AB Phillips for more than 3 years, and more recently on a business-wide rebrand. Imaginitis have proven to be responsive, proactive and creative. Peter Cefala is solution driven with a down to earth approach and has demonstrated an ability to deliver with a level of agility not always possible by larger, commercial agencies. The team at Imaginitis have made the effort to understand our business and where we’re heading – we particularly find this valuable, as it saves us time at initial briefing stages of a project.’

Troy Mansell
CEO, AB Phillips