Asia Delights

Makmur Enterprises

Asia Delights Brand Identity

The Challenge

Imaginitis’ objective was to create a unique and contemporary brand identity for the Asia Delights frozen ready-made meals; exclusively for Costco outlets.

The Solution

Imaginitis developed a logo that symbolises a gourmet tray, reinforcing quality and the ready-made meal category. The red and orange colours are reflective of warmth, happiness and luck (Chinese culture). The red colour also has a physiological effect whilst stimulating appetite. The logo has an oriental feel without being too unfamiliar to the target audience; the unique typography created for the word “Asia” resembles fish whilst the bowl with chopsticks has been united to further emphasise Asian culture.

The Outcome

Makmur Enterprises has successfully entered a new retail channel (Costco). It has been well received by Costco customers allowing for development of additional products under the Asia Delight brand.

What we did

Brand Management
Art Direction
Creative Concepts