AB Phillips

AB Phillips

Brand Revitalisation and
Brand Positioning

The Challenge

The AB Phillips brand was tired and outdated. It lacked a clear positioning. In order to instil the customer’s trust and provide a unique point of difference, Imaginitis was appointed to revitalise all communication material and position the AB Phillips brand in the market.

During the market research, customers claimed that other organisations had a more transactional approach. These customers preferred an organisation that offered a more personable approach and a customised solution that’s tailored to their needs (i.e. ‘a true partnership’). This was AB Phillips’ main point of difference and unique value proposition.

The objectives were to create a concept based on the key point of difference (customised solution, personable service, relationship focused) within a professional ‘look and feel’, which inspires confidence. This ‘look and feel’ needed to be consistently translated throughout all communication material.

The Solution

Imaginitis developed a brand identity prism reflective of AB Phillip’s core brand essence, values and personality, which would differentiate it from its competitors. From this, the creative concept evolved: Directors and key stakeholders (including customers) of the business were placed in the forefront with direct (conversation-style and relationship-building) messages to the target market inspiring personalisation, expertise, trust and believe-ability. The photography style ensured the ’human element’ stood out as a primary focus. For simplification, the communication material for the two key segments (Business and Private) was colour coded.

The Outcome

Professional and distinctive brand image that strengthens AB Phillip’s key point of difference and instills trust.

  • Consistent brand voice and communication.
  • Clearly defined AB Philip’s business and private offering.
  • An organisation that ‘lives and breaths’ the AB Phillips core brand values.

What we did

Market Research
Client Workshops
Creative Concepts
Brand Management
Art Direction
Copy Writing