Lila and Me

Lila and Me

Brand Identity

The Challenge

Lila and Me create unique artistic silk scarves. Imaginitis was tasked to set up the Lila and Me brand from ground-up, and to position Lila and Me distinctively by creating the brand promise and identity, its essence and personality.

The Solution

It was imperative that imaginitis set the correct road map for the Lila and Me brand to follow and flourish, but also have scope to evolve with clarity, consistency in tone, voice and message. The foundations of a strong brand identity.

Imaginitis set the brand foundations to be uniquely artistic, feminine and within a sustainable and eco-friendly nature. Extensive research was conducted in finding the correct supplier networks through testing and perfecting the Lila and Me product to the highest possible quality standards, but also a more ethical and sustainable fashion-made purchase.

Research was also conducted to define and understand the Lila and Me target consumer from an age and social economic demographic, career path, interests, personalities, aspirations and dress styles.

From the research, the Lila and Me brand personality (image) evolved which was reflected in the logo, typography, colour template, packaging, visuals, messaging and voice. The Lila and Me brand now had it’s own authentic self to showcase unique brand attributes and benefits effectively and consistently across all marketing channels.

Brand stories behind the art were created to encompass positive feelings of the artist and brand personality. The end result was empowering messaging across all touchpoints highlighting the pursuit of celebrating femininity to radiate natural beauty, confidence and self-expression – the customer experience.

The Outcome

Although Lila and Me are at the beginning of its brand cycle, it is starting to carve out its own competitive edge. Consumer recognition is growing and the brand is building healthy relationships in the B2B and B2C segments.

What we did

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